Gerard Pique’s two great confessions: Clara Chia is his girlfriend and he is her puppet

The relationship between Clara Chia Marti and Gerard Pique is no secret to anyone, but until now, we had never seen the former Barcelona player call the woman who is considered the villain of the story between Shakira and the father of her children his girlfriend.

Clara Chia wears the pants in relationship with Pique

Shakira crosses paths with Gerard Piqué and… completely ignores him!

Gerard Pique reveals in a stream with Ibai Llanos of Kings League that he has a girlfriend and she is Clara Chia, but that was not all, the ex-footballer also confessed that it is his current partner who chooses his clothes, and he had no problem revealing it.

“The truth is that I go with my girlfriend to the store and she buys it for me, you know? I’m a puppet,” commented Pique, while those who were in the transmission while in unison let out a laugh.

Pique confesses revealing information about Shakira

John Nellis, tiktoker and influencer, asked Gerard Pique specifically about who was the most famous person he has among his contacts, and knowing the personalities who shared the court with him, it would be logical that his famous contacts were footballers or personalities from various fields…the surprise was his answer.

“Maybe… I would say… Shakira. She was my partner, it could be her. I’m thinking followers, Instagram… If it’s someone that’s not soccer related. If it’s about soccer, Cristiano, he’s the most followed in the world.” “Do you have Cristiano Ronaldo‘s number?”. “Yes.”