Pique was in such a hurry to leave Shakira’s house that he left with the boot open

The last meeting between Shakira and Gerard Pique threw up several very unique images, but one of the most striking is the one where he is seen driving off with the car boot open.

Whether it was because he was in a rush to end the awkward moment, because of carelessness or because of the particular situation, he started the car with the back of the car open.

The situation was finta unique. After this, Pique headed for home, although his current partner, Clara Chia, is not at home at the moment. One of the agreements reached by both of them is that, when they are with their children, their respective partners will not be present at their homes, as their main objective is to try to make all these moments as easy as possible for them.

Shakira didn’t even look at Pique when they ‘met’

That the relationship between the two is not good is no secret. Both have had their ups and downs, but they have to see each other relatively often, especially when the ex-player goes to pick up his children.

On this occasion, however, it has attracted a lot of attention, as can be seen on video how the aforementioned meeting went.

The Colombian completely ignored Pique‘s presence, passing by him without turning her head for a single moment. She didn’t even look at him or say a word to him as the ex-Blaugrana adjusted the things in the boot and prepared to leave with his children. What’s more, the images not only show that she does not turn her head, but also that her gaze is finta high.

Shakira se cruza con Gerard Piqué y… ¡le ignora completamente!